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Sunday, July 14, 2013

My overdue return, with a couple of newbies.

so these were mostly done a few months ago, but then this beautiful baby boy got born:

 That's my new son, Miles Markowski! But real life and work has resumed as usual, back at WB for a time, working on Beware the Batman, a few Green Arrow shorts and a Batman short, all before I start my new job at LEGO!!! Life is good, and super busy, but finally I found time to finish these--
the first is a tribute to all those great old episodes where they land on planets that have a whole Greek/Roman thing:

And the second is a possible fate of the Enterprise as shown to Kirk by the Guardian of Forever! Enjoy!

Also, if there are any Powers-That-Be out there, reading this blog, the amazing Jim Krieg wrote a script...

We'd like to show it to you


  1. You work for Lego and create awesome Star trek art? You sir are clearly a wonderful person!

    1. That just completely made my day--to YOU too sir!

  2. Ok, first of all... that's a damned cute kid. Congrats! My wife and I were just looking at pics from when my son was that age and a little older (he's nine now). Enjoy. Take the time and enjoy.

    Secondly, huge Trek fan and I am loving the artwork. That crystal Kirk/Spock is amazing. Love the Spock sorta model sheet and all of it really. Great work. And, to echo that last dude, you work for Lego. That's just crazy great. My son would kill for me to work at Lego.... lol...

    Great stuff! Will follow! (sounds like an old TV show...)

  3. Just came across your blog today (found it via the website from the Czech republic) and your work just blows my mind. The Trek doodles are plain amazing and although I see the chance of a new animated series as slim, I hope you keep dreaming. I will for sure start following your posts :)

    1. thanks so much for your enthusiasm and support! i agree that the chances for an animated series are slim, but these concept paintings have been so fun i'm sure i'll do a lot more! i know the characters aren't perfect (i'm actually just a background designer and not a character designer at all) but i at least wanted to try just for fun! thanks again! go Czech!

  4. I am in love with your Star Trek concepts. Beautiful art! :D AND *GASP* THERE'S EVEN A SCRIPT?! I *really* want this to be made now. POWERS THAT BE, PAY ATTENTION!

    What studio would be responsible for this, should it exist? Paramount? WB?

    I am also really happy for your career, sounds like you have had some awesome times! Congrats on your new job and your new baby! I will definitely be following your work. :D

    1. THANK YOU! thanks for all the enthusiasm! so yes, some animation industry friends and I would love to pitch a Trek cartoon if that is ever possible, and we've been working on a load of material to pitch, some of which i've posted here. I'm guessing Paramount would be the place to go, or maybe even Nickelodeon since both are owned by VIACOM, but the best idea might be to try and pitch to the BAD ROBOT crowd and see if that works, but who knows if any of that is even possible? Either way, we'll keep working it up and cross our fingers for an opportunity.
      thanks so much for comments!

  5. I need to say first and foremost, while I'm a BIG Star Trek fan, I'm not a fan of the JJ Abrams films and really just want that version to go away. That said, are you aware that Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman (the JJ Trek writers) have already pitched the idea of an animated version of their Star Trek to CBS TV?

    I personally feel that Star Trek has a better shot at coming back to tv, via the JJ version or the classic version, as an animated show first. Part of why Enterprise got canned and we have not seen a new show since is because Star Trek live-action shows cost a lot. An animated show would cost a lot less and help lead to a live-action show if it did well. The problem is that a lot of the fans, for whatever reason, don't seem to keen on the idea of more animated Trek. I feel however that a new animated show would look tons better than the original and would be able to do things the live-action shows can't.

    By the way, even though they are based on the bastardized Star Trek, I love your designs! Very talented and I'd love to see you on staff of a Star trek animated show!